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Video of Microsoft Outlook Technical Support
Video of Microsoft Outlook Technical Support Phone Number : How it Works?

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Create Auto Forward Rule in Outlook 2013
How to Create Auto Forward Rule in Outlook 2013?

You may receive unlimited mails daily into your Outlook inbox out of which many mails you also forward to others, and sometimes it becomes very tedious to do so. But you can setup outlook with specific rules which will forward the mails automatically set by you even without login into your mail account.  To know how to set up and create auto forward rule in outlook 2013 read the process explained below.  

Step1: Open your Outlook mail and click on file on top left to view the settings section.  This section is headed by the title “Account information” in which you will see three sub-menus at the right pane.

Step2: Now open “Manage Rules & Alerts” under the account information to open the Rules and Alerts window. This section allows users to configure outlook new rules or manage already created rules.

Step3: After entering into rules and alerts section you have to click on “New Rule” which is located at the top left corner of the window. Clicking on this tab will show another window called Rules Wizard.

Step4: The Rules Wizard window will show you multiple options like Stay Organized and Stay Up to Date but you have to click on the link of “apply rule on messages I receive”  under Start from the Bank rule.

Step5: Now you got the option to select your desired conditions, you can select to forward all your received mails from a single sender of group of people. Check the box “From people or Public Group” and if you want to ensure that you get important messages, check the boxes next to “Marked as Importance” and “Flagged For Action”  to make it important when you check your mail.

Step6: Under Rules Wizard you can see another section of “Edit the rule after the message arrives” in which you have to click on underlined links “people or public group” to specify rule descriptions.

Step7: Now you can search and enter value for condition like you can choose a particular subject or word from a supposed group and if your Outlook already has the contact in the address book you can search and select the mail address listed below the search box. And after selecting that press ok.

Step8: Now select “Forward it to people or public group” to set the condition of auto forwarding.  At this stage if you find issue or having any confusion then it’s better to take Outlook technical support where professional technicians will help you to choose the right option to set auto forwarding.

Step9: And now under the same window you will find another option in which you have to click on underlined words in the descriptions to specify the messages get forwarded automatically.

Step10: Now you can choose the email address on which you want to forward all these mails. You can search by name or email id and can directly select from the list itemized below.

Step11: You can also create exceptions to filter messages that are not important like mails having subject lines Advertisement, Promotion, Social Media etc. to not forward it. And you can also skip this option and click next to give a unique name for creating this particular rule.

Step12: You can also name this rule with a review window to see that your settings are right and if its correct then click finish to apply this rule and before that you can also choose to apply this rule to forward all the existing mails from your inbox to selected group to a particular mail address.

Step13: After this click ok in the rules and settings window to successfully apply this rule on your outlook mail account. And if it doesn’t work you can take online help from Outlook customer support service and set the new rules or check the mistake you have done while creating auto forward rule.

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Top Interesting Features of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft outlook is one the single largest email services used by large group of people across the world. It is an interactive mail service best suitable for internal conversation and data exchange. Mainly used by the business enterprises,Microsoft outlook is one of the main sources of communication in offices.

Outlook has lots of interesting features provides a user-friendly interface with a hassle-free communication system. You can do lots of exciting things with Outlook but before that you should know about its useful functionality and other internal features that are discussed below.

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Preview of Message

New outlook offers preview of message even without opening the mails, which was earlier not allowed in older version of outlook.And you can also reply or forward email right from this pane even without reaching to the ribbon which allow getting quick view of each message and save your time.

Attachment Reminder

Similar to Gmail, Outlook now warns attachment reminder at the time of sending mails and forgot to enclose the attachment. Though, it is minor thing but it could help you remind the important document attachment and overlook of such documents can damage you more than anything.

Customize Theme

Outlook can be also look attractive with beautiful theme. You can beautify the background of your outlook mail with wide variety of theme colors. Microsoft outlook support can help you to choose theme from clouds, stars, calligraphy and many more with the color combination of white, light gray and dark gray.

Quick Mail Filter

With outlook mails you can filter mails that are unread. This feature can be used by clicking an unread button right at the top of the inbox which you see only through the right corner of top of the mail box. And if you want to go back to inbox menu you can click the option given right next to inbox. This option helps users to save their time and efforts in filtering messages from read and unread mails. And I case of any help you can call to Outlook technical support phone number with toll-free 1-800-853-9701 calling all the time.