Fix Hacked Hotmail Account
How to Deal with Hacked Hotmail Account?

If your Hotmail account has been hacked, what will you do? The hacking of account means someone has got to know your Hotmail password and can access your personal details or can read confidential conversations. But before hacker misuses your account you can contact to Hotmail technical support and recover your Hotmail account to change its password.

Clean your PC and Change Password

Hacking could be done with the help of virus, malware or phishing activities. Therefore you need to remove them from computer system before you change your Hotmail account password. Go to antivirus application and scan your entire computer and if you don’t have immediately install an effective antivirus or windows users can install Microsoft Security essentials.

How to Deal with Hacked Hotmail Account

Change Password with New Strong One

After scanning your computer (including outlook mail), you have to change Hotmail password that should be completely different from previous one. To create strong passwords always use combination of alphanumeric letters with special characters to secure your Hotmail account. And avoid using you surname, date of birth or mobile numbers in creating mail passwords.

Resetting of Hotmail Account   

As your Hotmail account has been hacked, and there is a possibility hacker would have accessed your account settings which you need to be reset. Account settings like mail contact address, email auto forwarding, signature, auto replies etc. are the main settings that should be changed. To change the settings go to settings option and reset as per your customized needs.

Reinstate Contacts and Deleted Mails

When you got to know that your Hotmail account has been hacked you should check your important messages. If some of the conversations have been deleted, then immediately go to delete folder where you could find deleted messages. However, if any mail has been permanently removed, it cannot be recovered from your system. To restore your contacts call to Hotmail technical support phone number 1-800-853-9701 and get online help by professionals.