Disable Work Offline function in Outlook
How to Disable Work Offline function in Outlook

There are several occasions on which the users want to send or receive emails in their Outlook account but face problems. It could be quite frustrating for anyone who is in hurry or expecting any important email. This sometimes provokes users to delete their Outlook accounts. However it will better if you choose to disable “Work Offline” feature in Outlook as it will prevent disconnecting of Outlook from the server of your email provider and inability to retrieve or send new mails. Read further to learn how to disable “Work Offline” feature in Outlook. Additionally you can consult our Outlook Tech Support experts to get detailed guidance on this topic.

Open Microsoft Outlook

Launch the Microsoft Outlook application by either clicking the Outlook icon on the desktop screen or by using the Start Menu. After clicking the Start Menu, go to the Microsoft Office folder and then locate Microsoft Outlook application and click it.

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View the Send/Receive Settings

In the Outlook application, click on the Send/Receive Settings in the menu bar located at the top left corner of the window.

Disable the Work Offline Setting

Check if your Outlook is currently disconnected from the servers. If the Outlook is disconnected, you will see a “Work Offline” button with a red “X” mark displayed on it along the tool area. By clicking this button, you can disable the Work Offline settings. When you click this button, the “X” mark will go displaying that the Work Offline has been disabled. Keep in mind that you will only see the Work Offline option in the Send/Receive tab when the Outlook would be offline and disconnected.

Test your internet connection

Determine if your Outlook is online and working by sending a test mail to yourself or your contacts.

In this way, you will be able to disable Work Offline feature in Outlook. For any query or issue regarding Microsoft Outlook, contact our Outlook Technical Support Phone Number.