Download Mail for an IMAP account using Outlook
How to Download Mail for an IMAP account using Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a wonderful email client service that let you perform several functions. Usually, Microsoft Outlook is set to download only the email headings when you pull out messages from an IMAP server. However Microsoft Outlook allows you to download the entire email message by altering some changes in the settings. This will give you the facility to read through you IMAP mail account faster. Read the following blog to learn how to download mail from an IMAP account using your Microsoft Outlook application. You can also consult our expert team of Outlook Technical Support to get a step-by-step guidance on this topic.

How to Download Mail for an IMAP account using Outlook

Open MS Outlook

Launch MS Outlook by clicking the Microsoft Outlook icon on the Desktop. In the application window, click on Tools and then select Send/Receive settings.

Select the Group to edit

In the Send/Receive settings, select Define Send/Receive Groups. In this tab, you can select the group you want to edit. It is advised that you should choose All Accounts option as default option.

Select the mail account you would like to change

After selecting All Accounts option in Send/Receive Groups, highlight your selection and choose Edit. Now go to the Accounts section located on the left side of the window and click on the mail account that you want to edit or change.

Highlight the Folder you want to change

In the Folder options window, highlight the sub-folder such as Inbox that you want to change.

Switch the Folder options

Now you have the facility to switch the Folder options from the default of Download Headers Only to the option, Download complete item including attachments.

Press Ok to save the changes

Now click OK to apply the changes in the settings and then press Close to exit the window.

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This way, you will be able to download mail from an IMAP. For any other query or issue regarding Microsoft Outlook, contact our Outlook Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-853-9701.