How to Fix your Hacked Hotmail Account
How to Fix your Hacked Hotmail Account?

In today’s cyber world it is common that accounts get hacked or infected with viruses. If your friends or colleagues are calling you and informing you that they are receiving spams or unwanted emails from your Hotmail address, chances are high that your account has been compromised by some hacker. Don’t panic. Immediately contact Hotmail online support and report the issue. Meanwhile you can also try to fix your hacked hotmail account from your end by following these simple guidelines.

Change your password if you can

In case the hacker has not changed your account password and you can still log in your account with the help of security questions, quickly reset your password. Choose a strong password that should contain capital and lower-case letters along with numbers and symbols. It is advisable to frequently change your passwords.

Hacked Hotmail Account

Visit Hotmail Home page if you can’t access your account

If you can’t access your Hotmail account with the help of security questions, open the home page. In the home page, go to the link which says, “Can’t Access Your Account?”. In the following menu, choose the third option that goes by statement, “I think someone else is using my Microsoft account” and follow the instructions.

To get Microsoft technical help, validate your account

If you still can’t access your account or fix the problem, you will need to validate your account. Fill out the recovery form and wait for the Microsoft outlook technical support team to respond.

Hotmail tech support

Prevent future hacks

Determine if you have turned on Windows update so that you can receive the latest security patches and upgrades. Keeping your program updated reduces security risks.

Install a good antivirus program

To keep your account safe from viruses, malwares and spywares, use any premium antivirus software that has the facility of automatic updates. This way you can eliminate the risk of your account getting hacked by spywares. Automatic updates, will keep your antivirus upgraded to defend newer threats.

Recovering deleted messages

Generally when Microsoft detects a hack in your account, they transfer your messages to a safe location. To restore your messages, click on the Deleted tab in the left sidebar and navigate down to the bottom of the page. Now click on Recover Deleted Messages link. In case Microsoft has saved your messages on their server, they will re-route the messages to your Deleted folder.

If you still couldn’t able to fix your hacked Hotmail account, you can contact our Hotmail technical support team.