How to Make Outlook Group Calendars

Microsoft Outlook is an efficient email client service that allows users to send mails, make schedules, and create notes and journal. The calendar features works well in a business setting as you can schedule appointments between 2 or more people that show up on the calendar of everyone. Outlook offers functions that allow the user to share a calendar. In case you want to add more than one person to be able to view, edit and add appointments in a calendar, then you can choose to create an Outlook group calendar. Read further to learn how to make an Outlook group calendar. For detailed guidance on this topic, contact our Outlook Tech Support experts.

Choose a folder which all has access to

Select a folder that all people using the calendar will have access to. You will put the group calendar in this place so that everyone can update it. Keep in mind that for this, you should have a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003 and 2007.


Navigate to the Calendar

Launch Outlook and click on the Go menu on the toolbar and then select “Calendar”. There is an alternate way to navigate to the Calendar. Press the Control key and number 2 to open Calendar.

Go to “View Group Schedules”

Click the Actions menu and from the drop down menu, select “View Group Schedules” option.

Choose the name for the Group Schedule

In the Group Schedules box, choose the “New” option. Insert a name for the Group Schedule so that others can identify it. Click “Ok” once you are done.

Select “Add Others”

Select “Add Others” so that you can add names from your address book or add a public folder. If you are making it for few people, you can simply add the names from the address book but if you are using it public, use a public folder.

View and choose your group schedule

Select Save and then close the dialog box. Return to the Action menu and click on “View Group Schedules” to look at the group schedule you just created. Select your schedule from the list.

In this way, you will be able to make Outlook group calendar. For any query or issue regarding Microsoft Outlook, contact our Outlook Technical Support Phone Number.